Mackenzie Canada


The largest and the most diverse in Canada

Being a patriot I will start with the biggest river of Canada. The Mackenzie is really a unique river present in our Country. There are not many rivers with their mouth in the Arctic Ocean. In fact it is the largest river in North America superseded only by the Mississippi.

In fact this river has many faces. Sometimes you will find the river with narrow banks and less water where you can cross easily. At places it is so deep that biggest ships can float easily. That is Mackenzie for you. It rises from the Great Slave lake and takes a long journey of 300 kilometers north-west. In its journey it is joined by many of its tributaries like Liard, North Nahanni and Keel rivers. It ultimately reaches its destination in the Arctic Ocean in Beaufort Sea. It is generally a slow-moving river which is wide and deep, except for a few places where it become narrow and rapid.

Sans Salt rapids in Mackenzie

It covers almost 20% of the total land mass of Canada. Almost two-thirds of the river basin is covered by forest, and it is the most diverse ecological system in North America. The northern part of the river is frozen most of the times due to low temperatures in the Arctic. The best part is that exploitation of nature is the least in this river water shed. So you can find all kinds of animals while travelling along the banks, A natural marvel of course!



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