Amazon and its Marvels

Amazon is the river which is the longest in the world. The river basin is so large that it is one-fifth of all river basins in the world. Awe inspiring is it not? Yes it is the most amazing river and I have been visiting Amazon for 10 years now but have not explored all. Such is the vastness!

The Amazon River

The Amazon rain forest

The forest with the most number of species found anywhere in a single Eco-system. There are more fauna than we know. A recent report said that we have been able to discover only 25% of the fish species in Amazon and that too is above 3000. There are certain famous animals found in Amazon which are made famous by movies. (1) Anaconda – The largest snake in the world is not as aggressive as it is shown in the movies. It rarely comes out of water and is so heavy when fully grown that it can hardly move on land. (2) Giant Otter – The undisturbed environment makes the Amazon basin the home of the largest animals. The otter found is the largest on the planet.(3) Piranha – They are the food of the Giant otter but are an aggressive species and are carnivorous. They can be dangerous for humans. Hollywood is right sometimes. There are so many species that you can find a new one every 100 meters. Such is the bio-diversity here.

The River people

Very less is known about these reclusive humans. They live deep in the rain forest, worship the Anaconda and hardly meet modern civilization. Now they have started coming out but not much is known about them. I am going on my next trip to find about these people who do not want to come out. Wish me luck!


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