Majestic Colorado

The Grand canyon one of the wonders of the world is home to Colorado which is the most important river in Southwest United States. The Colorado is home to a variety of plants and animals. It has been a witness to history of America though it cannot speak. Many interesting facts are associated with the river. Here are a few lesser known but good to know facts.

The famous Horseshoe bend of Colorado

  • The Colorado in spanish means red color. This is the name given due to red colored sandstone in its basin area.
  • The depth varies from a low of 7 feet to a high of 100 feet!
  • The river is one of the oldest in the world. Carbon dating of basin rocks puts its age to be more than 5 million years.
  • The river originates in Rocky mountain at an altitude of 9000 feet.
  • The red color of the river has disappeared after construction of Glen Canyon Dam. This happened due to the red silt being blocked by the dam.
  • It is a water source for over 30 million people.
  • It is the river with maximum number of laws governing it. That gave it the nickname River of Law.
  • The river banks have been home to man for 12,000 years. The earliest settlers are known by the name Paleo-Indians.
  • The grand canyon is supposedly the bed of the ancient river when it was much bigger and voluminous.
  • The river is in its last stage. When it dries up the basin area will soon become a desert. Efforts are being made to increase its life.



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