Nile: The Longest River


The verdant areas bordering the river nile - bringing life to the desertNile is the about 6,670 Km long and the longest in the world. It is a river with story associated with the oldest civilization of Africa the Egyptian civilization. Though roughly 25% of course of river is in Egypt, it is the lifeline of Egypt even now.

It is one of the rarest sight to see a river surrounded by desert, but it is so with Nile. The river originates in Burundi South of Equator and flows northeast through Africa and drains in the mediterranean sea.

There is still controversy about its origin. Some say lake Victoria is its origin while some say Ripon falls is where the river originates. However now the Kagera and Ruvubu are considered the true source and it is from here that the length is measured. It is really interesting to note that only the area on the banks of Nile is green and the rest is desert. The river basin overflows after the rains depositing black silt in its flood areas. This was the area ancient Egyptians used to farm in and still is being done. However the floods have ceased after the building of Aswan Dam in 1960. The flood which has been controlled now was revered by the Egyptians as it helped them to grow crops. Covering almost the whole of Africa the longest river in the World is a beauty to behold.


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