Location of great lakes and rivers – Zambezi River

Location of great lakes

It’s mind boggling that the mighty raging Zambezi River, Africa’s 4th largest, is 3,540 kilometers long. We have been discussing the location of great lakes and rivers in our last posts and our list of location of great lakes and rivers has to include Africa. Who can believe that such a mighty river starts off as a virtual trickle in the Mwinilunga District of northwestern Zambia? The awesome Victoria Falls is on the Zambezi too, as well as the massive Kariba Dam. It is sad to hear that at the bottom of the Victoria Falls, there is also talk of a hydroelectric dam to be built. One of the attractions with the location for great lakes and rivers is that there is always the attraction of birds and wildlife. Boat trips on this river are renowned for spectacular African sunsets and magnificent wildlife, but for how long? The fascinating aspect of this river is that is can be treacherous in parts, prone to flooding, and elsewhere it flows gently. But that’s the nature and charm of this river – it is so temperamental.


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