Travel destinations Canada can offer for rafting

Travel destinations Canada has the perfect rivers for rafting

Canada has an amazing variety of landscapes, but some people seek only its waters. Here you have 5 travel destinations Canada that can offer you the rafting experience of a lifetime.

1 – Tatshenshini river in Yukon, is an extreme journey of 10 days through the glaciers, Icebergs and wildlife, like returning to the Ice Age.

2 – Skeena River, this is a 6 day trip through forest and narrow canyons, this river is also known as the river of the Grizzlies with a good reason, prepare to have an intimate encounter with nature.

3 – Nass river, with this river we keep the balance between the sanctuary meeting with nature, and the extreme adrenaline side of rafting. A river full with white water rapids, incredible views and abundant wildlife.

4 – Ram River, this river is well described by the name, it will be like riding a wild ram, not that I ever have but use your imagination, this river gives you the true definition of white water rafting. Pack your bag and check what these travel destinations Canada is ready to show you.


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