Amazon River

Amazon River Coral Reef

Hey, I am back with the Amazon river again. The reason is an amazing discovery at the mouth of the Amazon river. The Amazon River is known for its biodiversity in animal life, like the pink dolphins and the flesh-eating fishes Piranha. The recent discovery was a Coral reef found in the Amazon river.

The coral reef stretches for 600 miles as reported by the scientists. This is amazing as reefs are generally found off the coast and in saline waters. Large rivers generally disrupt reef formation as they have fresh water which decreases the salinity. However, in the case of these reefs, the disruptions are not there. This is a natural marvel as per the American and Brazilian researchers who made this discovery. Another amazing fact is the presence of healthy sponges generally found in the low light environment. 73 species of fish has also been found here. This is good news for the environment as most of the reef systems are depleting all over the world. Nature always finds ways to generate does it not? I am all excited to explore,as I am planning a trip to this location. See you, folks, next time with some on the spot features.


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