Protecting our waterways from Industries in Canada

Need laws for protecting our waterways

Trudeau’s pledge to change the laws governing Canada’s navigable waterways is very much justified. Protecting our waterways is not only critical for Canada’s environment but also for the global environment. The legislations in 2012 had the NWPA of 1992. The 1992 act required an environmental assessment of each and every project along the waterways. The aim of the act was protecting our waterways.

The required approvals meant very few industries came up along the waterways. It was both good and bad. The revenue of the government suffered due to investments being stopped in their tracks due to the act. Also, there was red-tapism involved when separate assessments were done for the same area not once or twice but 50 times. The act that came in 2012 aimed to simplify this. However, it led to rampant opening up of harmful chemical producing industries along the waterways. The current situation needs a law change to stop environmental pollution and especially protect the waterways.


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