Sacred rivers of the world

Sacred rivers of the world

There are many holy places and rivers all around the world. Pilgrims travel great distances to reach some of the sacred rivers of the world. They want to give thanks or be healed . Some of the greatest sacred rivers are the Nile and Ganges, and many human populations wouldn’t exist without these rivers. Sacred rivers of the world would now also include Iraq’s marshes: Now a world hertigage listed site by UNESCO. The marshes are made up of wetland marshes as well as archaeological sites. Known also as ‘the Ahwar of southern Iraq’, this is one of the world’s biggest inland delta systems in a hot, arid environment. In fact, since 2003, Iraq has been looking to get world heritage status for these marshes. There was a time when the marshlands stretched for thousands of square kilometres, and they were drained to prevent Shia guerrillas using them as hideouts. Today the marshes are fed by the Tigris and Euphrates river, encouraging birds to return again. If you ever get the chance I would recommend that you visit this world heritage listed site.


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