Water conservation importance is something we need to continue talking about


Will the stunningly beautiful 1370 km Fraser River, which rises in Fraser Pass in the Rocky Mountains continue to delight with its sheer velocity of flow? Water conservation importance has become a buzzword in the 21st century, and one wonders about the health of this majestic river. There is one part where the river broadens into a delta 50km wide before emptying itself into the Strait of Georgia. The story of the Fraser River has it that the river was named by David Thompson. It became well known with the discovery of gold in 1858, followed by the Cariboo Gold Rush, opening the way for roads and a railway. Today many sawmills and pulp and paper mills have been established, and there is mining of gold and copper. Sadly, all is not well with the river, and climate change has altered the river. A mountain pine beetle outbreak has affected the river’s watershed with the dead forests causing erosion and flooding, affecting the lives of animals and humans. Now environmentalists are becoming heavily involved in the river, the possibility of significant flooding as well as water conservation importance for the people, animals and salmon who rely on it for their very existence.


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