Mekong River day tour is a must have experience

If you are visiting Vietnam then a Mekong River day tour is a must have experience. The Delta stretches nearly 15,000 square miles west of Ho Chi Minh City. The mighty Mekong river travels over 2,700 miles from the plateaus of Tibet and ends the journey at the South China Sea. This area is often called ‘the rice bowl’ of Vietnam as it is extremely fertile and covered with rice plantations. Surrounding scenery is green and lush, fostering huge areas of farmed coconuts, mangoes and vegetables. Local life thrives around the river so if you want to see and experience the real culture of Vietnam, then a Voyage along the Mekong is the only real way to do it. There are waterways, vibrant local villages, thriving farms and small industries and you will see daily life unfold. The river is full of floating markets which start in the early morning and create a little hustle and bustle along the waterways and riverbanks. However, generally, the pace along the river is relaxed and serene. You can sail on numerous different types of boats depending on the personal experience that you want. There are luxury cruise ships, amazing sampans, huge barges and smaller sailboats to choose from. Take a few days aboard cruising with your own cabin or sample a short sunset cocktail cruise. The choice is yours, but a Mekong River day tour is a must have experience for everyone.


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