Hwang Ho Flood and its Natural Implications

The Hwang Ho Flood in the years 1887, 1931 and 1938 have been imprinted on the minds of the Chinese people who have lived through them. The river, 4,845 km and the 7th longest river in the world, is a dirty yellow colour and often referred to as the ‘Yellow River’. It is known for its ability to bring both prosperity and ruin to the surrounding region. It is one of China’s largest rivers, and the devastating floods have killed millions of people between them. what causes a flood like this is heavy rains creating more water upstream. As the water flows strongly downstream to low-lying areas, it floods lands and homes. The alluvial plains of the Hwang Ho are particularly fertile, but the river has burst its banks many times, ruining the crops. The Hwang Ho flood is known to be the deadliest natural disaster, bringing enormous damage to the surrounding countryside and its people. Small wonder that this flood is often referred to as ‘China’s Sorrow’.


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