The link between rivers and civilization

Ever since humans first started settling in organized cities the supply of water has always been of utmost importance. The historical connection between rivers and civilization is evident when you look at the world map of countries with a long history. In the old Persian, Roman or Greek civilization, cities were founded close to the coast or to a great flowing river. Many of these cities still exist today and bear a witness of water shaping human civilization. The most important trade cities of early civilizations became big, bustling modern capitals and this all thanks to trade and business arriving via nautical trade routes. In countries with no coast lines cities grew along rivers and people soon learned how to control the flow and save water for dry periods. With irrigation and the building of dams and canals, rivers and civilization started walking hand in hand throughout history and there is not doubt how dependent we are of water. Today, UN estimates that more than 1 billion people lacks access to clean, drinkable water and climate change is making water a valuable commodity around the world.


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