Rally for Rivers- Journey of the Revival for the Indian Life lines

The founder of the Isha Foundation launched the nationwide campaign of Rally for rivers in order to develop the awareness to protect the rivers of the country and find out the suitable measures to tackle the issues of the water scarcity as well as appropriate steps to control the water pollution.

The event started in September 2017 from Coimbatore in South India and organized various events from Kanya kumari to Himalayas. Various organizations and states governments and thousands of volunteers joined the rally across the country . There were participants of many leading Yoga Schools in India.

One of the focus of the rally was to create huge awareness of the environment and sustainability using the most economic and eco friendly procedures and policies under the expertise of the environmental scientists,experts and practitioners across the country and even some experienced experts from abroad were the part of  this mega event which culminated on 02 October 2017 in Delhi. The main rivers such as Ganga,Narmada, Krishna and  Kaveri  are depleting with a high speed posing a great threat to the bio diversity . The River Ganga which is one of the longest river of the country taking birth in the majestic Himalayas and passing through the mountains of Rishikesh, a place known for Yoga and Meditation for centuries.

It was decided to plant trees which can hold the moisture through the deep roots in order to prevent soil erosion and to enhance the underground water levels. The farmers are encouraged to use their land for cultivating the fruit and encouraged to practice the organic farming.  The recommendations also included to prevent the discharge of the industrial wastes to the rivers and the protection of the rivers belts with green belt using the support and cooperation by the local governments and the institutions of the area.


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