About Me

Hi I am John and am a rowing enthusiast. I like to go around the world and rowing on rivers. I have been to China, Africa and India to explore the river world. In Canada I live near to the biggest river The Mackenzie. It is a blessing to live near to a river. Of course it is a water source, but there are other things to look for too.


The Ganges – Holy river of India

There are rapids, waterfalls and great landscapes. A river is a world in itself. I like to go exploring a river from its mouth to its origin, and am excited every time. It is my passion and Discovery channel pays me fortune for it. It is like doing something you like and getting paid for it. My wife Samantha is a hiker too. She comes along most of the times and we have the most amazing times together. She is expecting this September and is not currently travelling. How will I manage without her.I am currently in India exploring the Brahmaputra but expect to be back by the time of birth of our baby. In this blog I would write about rivers and their unique Eco-system.



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